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A La Smarte is a proud Canadian business dedicated to supporting a diverse array of restaurants, food trucks, and other players in the food industry through comprehensive digital marketing, web design, development, and technical operations. Our journey is rooted in a deep passion for this industry, and our inspiration comes from witnessing its resilience during one of the most challenging periods in recent memory. We’ve seen restaurant owners pivot and navigate their way through turbulent times with determination and creativity. It was in these moments that A La Smarte was born.

Collaborating closely with restaurant owners, we recognized the considerable challenges in managing QR code-based online menus. Our mission was clear: to create a solution that is not only more affordable but also remarkably user-friendly. A La Smarte emerged as the result of our commitment to simplify the menu management process, making it accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical expertise. We take pride in enabling our partners in the food industry to thrive in the digital age, and we look forward to continuing our journey alongside them

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